Analyzing ways dealing with the hangover of Breakup

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Breakup is tough man! And the trailing hangover to it makes it even worst! Well, since there is no right math to resolve it, there could be ways to analyze the situation, exploring new lookouts than holding on to something oldschool.

Memories are the real Murderers!

Things may have changed, even the people may…

Do you know the difference between private and protected methods before and after ruby 2.7?

Let’s get straight to the point by setting up the scenario for the private method first and then for the protected method as below,

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Consider a scenario where we have Product class with some public methods and print_message as private method.

class Product  def public_method1

An in-depth discussion with a practical example to load associated data in Rails

Rails provide few ways to load associated data and before moving forward let’s consider one scenario as below,
there is a User table that has a one-to-many association with the Post table. With the scenario been set, let’s begin with our discussion.


The Joins works perfectly fine for comparing and…

In-Depth lookout over AJAX operation in Rails application

which is an abbreviation for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML through which web application can send or retrieve data asynchronously (in the background) in the client/frontend side without interfering with the display and behavior of the loaded web-page. …

In-Depth about various use cases for AJAX operation in Rails Application

There can be various ways of handling or dealing with the AJAX operation as there can be various scenarios to perform such an operation. So this section will cover different scenarios to handle AJAX request in Rails application.

  • AJAX request handling using partials
  • Dedicated response handling page (js.erb) …

Add validations while customizing Rails Router

The next step to customizing router is to dig a li’l deep down into the Rails Router where we can find some features like ‘Constraints’. So basically, there are some security check features available too in the Rails Router through which not only the code gets optimized along with the…

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